Lance Burris is a fifth generation Californian who lives in California’s Napa Valley where he presently works full time as a writer and painter. After graduating from the University of California at Berkeley, he served as a naval intelligence officer in the Pacific and a private computer consultant in Europe. Upon obtaining his masters degree from Boston University, he began his professional career in the planning and management of large-scale, real estate development projects, becoming the president of a firm and later forming his own land development company. Apart from his professional career, he has maintained an active interest in painting as part of a long family tradition and in the history of science, which he had studied at Berkeley. In 1976 he experienced an epiphany in answer to a question he had asked in his youth. As a result of that profound insight, he began doing philosophy, focusing on consciousness and the mind-body duality as it relates to the perception of time, space, and light. The Apollonian System is a product of that continuing effort.

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